June 23, 2020

Prison Architect: Island Bound Expansion Now Available

Prisoners receive Dynamic Reputations with The Rock, a free content update also launching today

STOCKHOLM -- June 23, 2020 - Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven today launched Island Bound, the latest expansion for the popular prison management simulator, Prison Architect. Island Bound can be purchased on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for a suggested retail price of $9.99 USD, €9.99 EUR and  £9.99 GBP.

**Check out the launch trailer revealed during the Paradox Insider event: https://youtu.be/gISatkN0Meo

Island Bound allows players to build island compounds without needing an access road. Now, players can reimagine their prison’s design and logistics with the addition of ships and helicopters that can handle transportation. Island Bound also introduces more buildings, security options, construction opportunities, and prison customization that expands gameplay.**

Island Bound’s Key Features:

  • Sea and Air: Upgrade your prison’s logistics with a variety of ferry and helicopter transport options that deliver supplies and inmates directly to docking areas around your compound. But be aware, there are now more access points to sneak contraband into the prison.

  • Chain Link Up: Maximize your prison’s efficiency by linking docks, helipads, and roads to specific deliveries. You can even toggle what services are available to each delivery point within your compound. Players can put these features to use in new or existing prisons. 

  • Supermax Security: New security objects make it easier to search deliveries and prisoners as they enter the prison, or at key security checkpoints. Additional emergency services can be called when things get out of hand.

  • Island Life: Customize your Island or Connected Island Plot with over fifteen nautical tiles and objects. Shape the land around your compound with moats, rivers, and lakes for security, or for style -- no access roads needed! 

  • The Rock: Manage the world’s most famous prison with two premade maps: Alcatraz Prison and Alcatraz Island.

Players can purchase the Island Bound expansion on the Paradox Store here: https://www.paradoxplaza.com/prison-architect---island-bound/PAPA01ESK0000076.html

Launching alongside the Island Bound expansion is The Rock, a free content update that gives prisoners Dynamic Reputations. With Dynamic Reputations, prisoners have a chance to gain or lose a reputation trait based on their behaviors. The update will also include additional objects and tiles players can use to customize their prisons. 

For more information on Island Bound, Prison Architect, and Paradox Interactive, visit www.prisonarchitect.com.

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