May 17, 2023

Royal Court Expansion for Crusader Kings III Now On Console

Solve Other People’s Problems from a Comfy Throne Room

STOCKHOLM - 17 May 2023 - The throne room is the center of royal power. This is where your vassals and courtiers plead their cases. This is where you gather the relics and artifacts that represent your power. And this is where your majesty is most obvious to all. Manage your regal reputation with the best propaganda tool available to a medieval ruler - the Royal Court

Royal Court is the first major expansion for Crusader Kings III, now on XBox Series X|S consoles and Playstation® 5. Paradox Interactive’s revolutionary medieval strategy game now gives players the chance to rule their kingdom or empire from a specially designed throne room. They can collect and commission special items, set a budget for food and lodging, and answer the petitions of visitors and subjects as they bring their problems to the royal ear.

Features of Crusader Kings III: Royal Court include:

  • Throne Room: Available for king and emperor characters, this is a visual representation of your royal court, reflecting all the accumulated majesty and prestige of your dynasty.

  • Hold Court: Interact with vassals and courtiers as they come to you with their problems, seeking a royal judgement.

  • Grandeur: Increase the quality of life at your court with fancier trappings and better food, all the better to impress your rivals and attract higher quality guests.

  • Inspired People: Talented artists, craftspeople and thinkers can work on new projects, adding treasures and artifacts to your court.

  • Inventory System: Commission and collect special weapons, armor and regalia to outfit your character and boost their skills and prowess.

  • Hybrid Cultures: Make the most of a multicultural realm, developing a new way of life that is specifically adapted to your population and geography. 

  • Cultural Divergence: Split from your traditional culture, adapting it into something new that better fits your aspirations.

The release of Royal Court is accompanied by a major free update to Crusader Kings III available for all players on console. This update includes the eagerly awaited character designer, which allows players to create their own starting character.

Crusader Kings III: Royal Court is now available for Playstation® 5 and Xbox Series consoles. Please check the relevant stores in your region for pricing.

For additional information, please contact:

Paradox Interactive Public Relations Team