November 21, 2023

Stellaris: Console Edition Expansion Pass 6 Released – Toxoids Species Pack Now Available on Xbox and PlayStation Platforms

Expansion Pass 6 also includes the Galactic Paragons and First Contact expansions, launching in 2024  

STOCKHOLM - November 21, 2023 - Paradox Interactive today released Toxoids, a Species Pack for Stellaris: Console Edition and the first of three expansions coming as part of the game’s sixth expansion pass. Console players can gamble their planet’s future to get an edge over the galaxy with this hardy, industrial species. In 2024, two additional expansions, Galactic Paragons and First Contact, will be released in Expansion Pass 6, which can be purchased for $29.99 / €29.99*. Toxoids is available as a standalone for $9.99 / €9.99*.

Check out the latest Toxoids trailer:

Toxoids introduces a high-risk, high-reward race that is as resourceful as it is ruthless… and repulsive. With oozing origins, slimy civics, and crude cosmetic options, Stellaris: Console Editions players can get their hands dirty with this heaping content dump and burn their way through the galaxy.

The Toxoids Species Pack includes:

  • New origins: Delve into the depths of your corrupted world and seek the true power of your species. Are those rumors about the Toxic God true?

  • New civics: Everything is a resource for your immediate growth, from debris and destruction to your own population. The Toxic Baths will allow you to grow your population through mutagene sludge, but at what cost? Harvest debris to build your projects with the Scavengers or improve your efficiency by disregarding rules and regulations through the Relentless Industrialists.

  • New traits: Your species has evolved to thrive in infamy. The Noxious, Inorganic Breath, and Exotic Metabolism unique traits are repellent to other species but also the source of your power and wealth.

  • Cosmetics: The Toxoids Species Pack includes new ships, species portraits, and cityscapes to remind the galaxy that beauty is in the stinging, burning eye of the beholder. A new Toxoids advisor voice will provide news and advice dripping with noxious sarcasm.

Released alongside Toxoids, a free update from the Stellaris custodians team adds a variety of  improvements and additions for all players. For more information about Stellaris: Console Edition and the Toxoids Species Pack, visit

The press kit can be found here:

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