May 7, 2024

The Machine Age, the new major expansion for Stellaris, is now available on PC

It adds many features for machine empires, including endgame crisis, a new endgame path, three new origins and much more

STOCKHOLM, MAY 7 - Today, Paradox Interactive launched The Machine Age, the new major expansion for its sci-fi strategy game Stellaris. The Machine Age is available on PC for €24.99/$24.99/£16.45 or is part of Stellaris Season 08, which encompasses three upcoming additions for Stellaris and the exclusive “Rick the Cube” portrait. Additionally, it is part of the Expansion subscription offer that includes all additional content for Stellaris for a monthly fee. The Machine Age is coming alongside the free update 3.12 “Andromeda” featuring numerous bug fixes and updates for machine worlds and empires.

You can find The Machine Age launch trailer here:

Ascend through technologies with The Machine Age new features:


Players will face a new synthetic threat in a brand-new Endgame Crisis, or will themselves become the threat to the balance of the universe in a new Crisis Path.


Your machine empires are no longer limited to gestalt consciousness and can have individual personalities and more diverse stories and origins. Further customize your empire with 3 new Machine Ascension Paths.


As you delve ever closer to the mind of the machine, you will have to face new challenges for your society. Every decision matters and the only certainty is that your empire will not be the same after its Ascension.


  • Cybernetic Creed: Your empire pursues a divine calling: the holy fusion of the body and cybernetics. Augmentation is worship.

  • Synthetic Fertility: Once a thriving society, a novel genetic disease leaves your empire unable to reproduce biologically. Digital salvation seems the only option to avoid extinction.

  • Arc Welders: Hailing from a world starved for space, a robotic society turns to the stars for resources. 

On top of that, The Machine Age includes new reactive portraits, 6 new Civics, 2 new mid-game structures (the molten Arc Furnace and powerful Dyson Swarm), new Population Traits, and 7 brand-new music tracks for the best in synthetic beats!

The free update 3.12 “Andromeda” launches alongside The Machine Age expansion. In addition to standard updates and bug fixes, this patch also rebalances the Genetic, Cybernetic, and Synthetic tradition trees (for owners of Utopia and Synthetic Dawn), enhances various AI functions related to leader assignment and economic management, reworks Fallen Empire buildings and enables modders to introduce new Crisis paths, among other improvements.

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You can find The Machine Age media kit here.