May 8, 2024

Two New DLC Packs Coming to Across the Obelisk on May 15

New Hero Pack and Story Pack Launching Alongside Substantial Free Update

STOCKHOLM – May 8, 2024 – Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games you’ll never discard, today announced two new DLC packs will launch next week for Across the Obelisk on PC and Nintendo Switch™. Across the Obelisk, a roguelite deck-building role-playing game with a unique cooperative multiplayer experience, will receive a new Hero Pack: Nenukil, the Engineer, and a new Story Pack: The Obsidian Uprising, both of which will release on May 15, 2024 on both platforms. In addition, a large free content update will be available the same day, including localization in French and German.

Venture across these links to see trailers for the DLC packs:

Across the Obelisk is a dynamic rogue-lite deck-builder from Dreamsite Games with a unique multiplayer spin, bringing roleplaying elements and cooperative strategy to the table. The two new DLC packs allow players to expand both their wealth of gameplay options and narrative experiences, adding a new hero and a new in-game world to their collections. Nenukil, the Engineer is a new scout-class hero with a new game mechanic, including a dynamic skin that changes over the course of a game. The Obsidian Uprising adds a new story map that takes players back in time 30 years to the dwarven city of Black Forge, discovering a thrilling new chapter in the story of Senenthia and granting access to a customizable new pet. Both packs add more content to the game including new cardbacks, pets, and more. Each pack will be available individually for $4.99/£4.29/€4.99.

In addition to the two new DLC packs, a free content update will be available for Across the Obelisk on May 15. This update adds full localization in French and German for the game and all its content, improvements to the game’s sound design, more hero-specific options for narrative events, game balance improvements, and more.

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