April 21, 2022

World of Darkness Launches Unbound, an Initiative Allowing Independent Developers to Make Games in its Vampire: The Masquerade Story World

Launching under the Unbound initiative are six Vampire: The Masquerade games, all participants in the Vampire Game Jam, with submissions open to developers around the world

STOCKHOLM – April 21, 2022 – World of Darkness, the transmedia entertainment brand behind celebrated fantasy horror properties including Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, and more, announced Unbound, an initiative allowing independent developers to create video games set in Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition and generate revenue from their work. Launching alongside Unbound are six games from the hugely successful Vampire Jam, a game jam where developers created more than 80 Vampire: The Masquerade titles. World of Darkness also revealed that Unbound submissions are available to independent studios and developers at: https://worldofdarkness.com/unbound

All games launching under the Unbound label will have a streamlined launch process and may receive additional marketing support from World of Darkness. While Unbound titles are not canonically part of the World of Darkness, it allows developers to express their creative freedom using the brand’s storytelling engine. All Unbound games will be available exclusively on itch.io, a store platform that has a history of strong support for independent projects.

“Following the Vampire Jam last year, we realized how passionate our community is about creating Vampire: The Masquerade games. While we could only award one grand prize to Heartless Lullaby, we knew we had to create a platform that empowered our community to work on the projects they love while giving them the support they need to be successful,” Martyna Zych, Community Developer for World of Darkness, said. “As long as World of Darkness fans continue making great games, there will be more titles coming through Unbound.”

All games submitted to Unbound must be set in the Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition story world to be considered for inclusion. After submission, the World of Darkness brand team will review and follow up with the studio about the results of their selection. More information about the Unbound submission process and criteria can be found here.

“Unbound gives us an opportunity for the first time in World of Darkness history where video game developers can use our IP commercially with ease and flexibility. This initiative continues World of Darkness' long history of supporting UGC and the talented communities around Vampire: The Masquerade. Through World of Darkness Unbound, talented creators get access to a renowned-IP with a global audience to launch their vision.,” Sean Greaney, Vice President, World of Darkness, said. “Unbound gives independent studios an opportunity to build out a proof of concept, showcase it to our audience, and even open up opportunities to work with the brand on a deeper level.”

The list of Vampire: The Masquerade games launching alongside World of Darkness Unbound include:

  • DESCENT: Survival horror adventure set in an old cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Find out who the inhabitants are and stay safe while uncovering the terrifying story. You can check out a trailer for DESCENT here.

  • THE CHANTRY TRIALS: A puzzle game with horror elements where the protagonist undergoes various “tests” to prove worthy as a Vampire of clan Tremere. 

  • THE GAME OF ELDERS: A strategic card game with plenty of options to experiment. Play as an Elder Vampire who uses all assets available to survive. 

  • THE AUTUMN PEOPLE: First Person Shooter that encourages exploration to uncover its story, set in modern night Phoenix, AZ.

  • PRAXIS: A mix of 4X strategy and roleplaying where you climb to the top of the Vampire hierarchy in Portland, Oregon. Build up a coterie of like-minded Kindred, gather intel and influence, and claim Praxis! 

  • PRODIGAL: Delve into a rotting mansion and your twisted psyche to uncover the truth of your memories in a Vampire: The Masquerade point-and-click adventure.

For more information about Unbound, head over to the World of Darkness blog here. Assets for Unbound and the six Vampire: The Masquerade games can be found here.

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