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Paradox Live Orchestra Concert

The Sandviken Symphony, conducted by Ulf Wadenbrandt, plays our favorite Paradox Grand Strategy game soundtracks and compositions from Andreas Waldetoft.

Historians Panel - What do you learn playing Paradox games?

We have the privilege to welcome at PDXCON, Eleanor Janega and Bret Devereaux, historians and fans of Paradox historical games for an exclusive panel to discuss what you learn when playing our games. 

Eleanor Janega (@GoingMedieval) is a medieval historian specializing in sexuality, apocalypticism, propaganda, and the urban experience in the Middle Ages generally, and the fourteenth-century Holy Roman Empire in particular. She is the author of the Middle Ages: A Graphic History, and the host of the History Hit television programmes Going Medieval and Medieval Pleasures. Eleanor runs the medieval history blog Going Medieval and teaches at the London School of Economics. Her next book The Once and Future Sex, about medieval women, is out in January.

Bret Devereaux (@BretDevereaux) is an ancient historian who specializes in the ancient economy and the Roman army and also a longtime Paradox player.  He is a research affiliate in the Department of History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and also publishes a weekly history and pop-culture weblog, A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry.

Boardgames Tavern

During the whole weekend, find some friends, grab a game, and have the most epic board game session in our medieval throne room. Play Paradox’s own board games and others inspired by the eras of our games, with gamemasters to set you up and explain the rules.

Creative Corner

In the mood for a quieter, relaxing and creative time? Spend some time painting miniatures, drawing and chatting with Paradoxians while listening to live music in our creative corner. Available through the event, feel free to bring your own things to paint!

Victoria 3 - Play the game!

Get your dedicated game session to try out Victoria 3 in its best and most stable version yet, with developers from the team present to explain the game to you and answer your questions.

Victoria 3 - The PDXCON Mega-Game!

Reshape the world and history in this unique and exclusive mega-game inspired by Victoria 3; designed, organized and played with Paradox employees. 

Victoria 3 - Q&A Panel with the Vicky 3 Dev Team

If reading all the dev diaries three times wasn’t enough, get some quality time to get all your questions about Victoria 3 and its development answered directly by the team.

Victoria 3 - Live Action Report

No need to wait for the after action report, Daniel, Lead Content Designer, will be playing a long session of Victoria 3 live, taking your suggestions and answering questions along the way.

Victoria 3 - “Paul Knows Money Good”, the Economy of Victoria 3

Paul, QA Manager and official Victoria 3 team economy expert will take you through how economics works in the real world and in the game, an essential knowledge to acquire to not go bankrupt in your first playthrough.

Victoria 3 - The “Vicky 3: When?” Grand Quiz 

Michael aka “MKC”, Victoria 3 Content Designer and Paradox Official Train Enthusiast will host a Grand Quiz about everything Victorian. Think you can beat the know-it-all prowess of our content designers? Time to prove it!

Victoria 3 - “Design the Future of V3” Workshops

Think you got the best idea for a feature for Victoria 3? Want to design it and pitch it to our Game Directors Martin & Mikael? Join a Design workshop with Victoria 3 design team at the Paradox office, design your pitch, and see if it’s good enough to integrate the game! [Activity with limited number of participants and early registration]

Victoria 3 - Pie Charts Pie

No, this wasn’t just a cheap joke for the PDXCON trailer. Yes, there will be Pie Charts Pie.

Crusader Kings 3 - Q&A Panel with the CK3 team

Wondering what’s next for Crusader Kings after Fate of Ibera? Curious to ask about the inspiration behind some of the events in the game? In need of tips for quickly inheriting the titles of an embarrassing sibling? The team is here to help.

Crusader Kings 3 - Character Designer Competition

Join the first CK3 Character Designer live competition and show your artistic talent by modeling one of the members of the CK3 team taking the pose for the occasion (CK3 members have not joined the Adamite faith and won’t be posing in the nude). 

Crusader Kings 3 - H.R.E-sports, a CK3 multiplayer battle royale

No holds barred, Speed Four, No Pausing! Do you have what it takes to face down every single neighbor, enemy, and even friend that you have within the Holy Roman Empire and emerge the victor?

Crusader Kings 3 - In the Event of Events, creating a CK3 event live!

“Join our esteemed Dan & Ewan as they create a CK3 Event live before your very eyes!” 

This will include inspirations behind the event, triggers that cause the event, how it meshes into the game, and more. Follow the process from start to finish and ask questions!

Hearts of Iron 4 - Try the next expansion, By Blood Alone

Get a first look and chance to try out the latest additions to HOI4 with By Blood Alone being playable at PDXCON.

Hearts of Iron 4 - Italy Focus Tree live gameplay showcase!

Dear community, you’ve been… Insistent about this one. And with By Blood Alone, it’s finally happening! Get a first look at the most awaited focus tree in the history of Paradox games.

Hearts of Iron 4 - Q&A panel with the HOI4 team

Ask all your questions about HOI4 to game director, Peter Nicholson, and the team in this dedicated session.

Stellaris - Draw your own alien

The Stellaris art team takes over the creative corner to draw some aliens with you, maybe you can birth together the next Jeff? 

Stellaris - Stellar Survival

The galactic sentinel AI has gone rogue, and has decided the best way to protect sentient life is to wipe it out! In this specially created scenario for PDXCON, groups of up to 12 players must work together and try to survive this new deadly threat, as it sends waves of exterminators out into the galaxy.

Stellaris - Q&A panel with the Stellaris team

Time to discuss the future of Stellaris, and ask all of your questions to Stephen and the rest of the Stellaris core team. 

Europa Universalis 4 - Play through the History of Europa Universalis

Have you played EU1 or EU2? This might be your chance to do it and to meet with Johan and the team at Paradox Tinto. We’ll have all the historical EU games playable for a day at the event, a good opportunity to dive into our (glorious) past.

Europa Universalis 4 - The future of EU4 Panel and Q&A

Johan and the team will be talking about what’s next for EU4 at Paradox Tinto, and of course answer everything you’ve always wanted to know about the game and red spanish wines. 

Europa Universalis 4 - EU4 Timed Challenge

Limited time, a devious challenge carefully crafted by the EU4 team, do you have what it takes to score the best and get on top of the leaderboard?

The Traditional Live Karaoke session

The most sacred of all Paradox traditions is to go live on stage with fans, Paradoxians and our favorite live bands to sing your hearts content and create memories that last a lifetime!

Language Guesser with Alexander Oltner

Did you know that Alex, our game director for CK3 is way too passionate about and good at Language Guesser for it to not be the real reason behind the inclusion of languages in the game? Well, playing it with us isn’t good enough for him anymore, he wants to challenge you!

PDXCON 2022 Cosplay Competition

It’s back! Come with your best historical costume, your most unexpected Stellaris’ alien cosplay, or find a way to show up as a convincing platypus skeleton maybe? In any case, it’s time to showcase your cosplaying talent and be crowned on stage!

PDXCON Game Directors Panel

A PDXCON essential! Gathering the council of our game directors to discuss games, something they would be doing anyway, but once a year we force them to do that on stage for our enjoyment. 

Career at Paradox panel

In this traditional PDXCON panel, ask your questions to Paradox employees and HR about how they joined Paradox, sometimes taking unexpected paths, and how you might do it someday if that is your project!