Pdxcon 2022

Event Details & Frequently Asked Questions

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When and where is PDXCON 2022?

The event will be taking place on Friday & Saturday, September 2-3rd 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden. The venue where the event will be held is Münchenbryggeriet (“Munich Brewery”).



Münchenbryggeriet  Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2 118 25 Stockholm

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Event opening times:

Friday 2nd - 9:30 to midnight Saturday 3rd - 9:30 to 22:00

Access to the venue:

Via the Subway (Tunnelbana)

  • Mariatorget station (red line)

  • Slussen station (green line) 

Via the Bus

  • Krukmakargatan stop

  • Hornsgatan/Rosenlundsgatan stop

Via the Commuter Train (Pendeltag) 

  • Stockholm Södra station

Details on the venue website: https://munchenbryggeriet.se/en/directions/

What is included in the ticket price?

The ticket price includes full access to PDXCON and all activities at the event. 

The event will have a packed agenda, so it might not be possible to attend all activities, however the main activities (playing Victoria 3, live orchestra concert, mega-game) are planned to guarantee you can participate in them if you want to. 

Here’s a list of the activities scheduled so far. A full agenda will be shared at a later date.

  • Being one of the first 500 players to try out Victoria 3 and meet with the team.

  • Live orchestra concert of PDS games original music (& Andreas Waldetoft compositions).

  • 100+ players Victoria Mega-Game designed and animated by Paradox Teams.

  • Board game space.

  • Multiplayer PC game space

  • Miniature painting creative workshop.

  • Karaoke session, live music shows.

  • Meet & Greet sessions, Live Q&A, Panels, Workshops.

The ticket price also includes food and drinks for the two days (2 lunches + 2 dinners + 3 drinks tickets for Friday night). 

Also included is a merchandise package exclusive to the event. 

Finally participants will get access to private Discord channels and exclusive titles on Paradox Interactive service, and have an exclusive role in the next Grand Campaign played ahead of PDXCON.

What games will be present at PDXCON?

With a smaller event, we’ve decided to focus on the core of what Paradox is known for: Paradox Development Studios Grand Strategy Games. So you can expect to see Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron, Stellaris, and of course Victoria; as well as the teams working with these games. 

While you might also meet with people working on our other games, this won’t be the focus this year at PDXCON 2022. For our other popular games and brands, we have other plans in mind for the future, so stay tuned!

What precautions are you taking in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic?

We’ll be applying Swedish recommendations and regulations. As of now they don’t impose any special requirements for physical events. We still strongly encourage our participants to come vaccinated and taking any precautions they deem necessary, and understand that some might not feel comfortable attending a physical event at this time.

We’ll ensure to have face masks as well as disinfecting stations available at the venue, and should the state of the pandemic evolve by September, we’ll adjust accordingly.

Can we expect any announcement of new games?

Not at PDXCON this year; we won’t be having any announcement show. There is (very) cool work being done on future games by PDS and our other studios, and you’ll be hearing about in the future, but not at PDXCON 2022. The event will focus mainly on Grand Strategy Games, for some of our titles in other genre, we have different plans in mind. 

What activities will be available online?

We’ll be giving people a glimpse of what is happening at PDXCON 2022 on live streams on our Instagram channels, filmed directly from the venue during the event. However, most activities will be physical only and won’t be streamed or recorded. There won’t be an online announcement show comparable to what we had in the past couple of years.

The PDXCON experience will be for people who could make it to Stockholm this year, and if you missed it, well there is always the next one. ;)

Where to stay in Stockholm?

PDXCON will take place on the central and vibrant island of Södermalm, the southern neighborhood of Stockholm inner-city, where our Paradox offices are also located. The area has many hotels and other forms of accommodation (hostels, Airbnb, etc).

For guests looking for an accommodation further outside of the city, the venue is easily accessible via the red and green line from the Stockholm subway (Tunnelbana) or via commuter trains (Pendeltag) at Stockholm Södra station. 

Why aren’t there any cheaper tickets like previous years?

We’ve decided this year to change a bit our approach to PDXCON, being less focused on marketing activities and showing our games with booths or presentations. We've decided to rather focus on what is for us the most important part of PDXCON: our players and teams at the Paradox meeting and having an awesome time together. 

We’ve got some amazing activities for PDXCON participants, and we made the choice to not have different experiences for different participants like previous years with barons, kings and emperors tickets. We want to focus on what was the best kind of experience possible, which very much modeled after the kind of experience Emperors tickets holders have been used to.

Can I refund my ticket if I can’t make it to the event?

Yes, you can reach out with your request by emailing pdxcon@paradoxinteractive.com