Our business

With a strong position throughout the value chain and a large and engaged community, Paradox Interactive is well positioned to work with the best developers and distributors worldwide. Paradox sales are primarily digital and mainly for PC and console platforms.

What makes a game a Paradox game?

When Paradox Interactive develops and publishes games we look at a number of factors, ”Game Pillars”, which we believe is crucial for success.

The games must have certain characteristics and bring value to Paradox, the players and the developers.

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AgencyParadox games give players the freedom to live out their fantasies, create their own stories and express themselves and their creativity. From customization options, game rules and modding to emergent stories and rewriting history, Paradox titles are not linear, plot driven experiences.
Living WorldsParadox games feature dynamic, reactive worlds where other forces seem to be pursuing their own goals beyond the control of players. No two games will be the same and players will experience new stories every time they play.
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InvitingParadox games have compelling themes with a clear promise. Players are enticed to make the effort of learning our games. (Which are approachable enough to keep players engaged, onboarding them in their worlds and gameplay systems in a smooth and rewarding way.)
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CerebralParadox games challenge the player’s mind before their reflexes. Incredible depth rewards the player’s curiosity and intelligence. Our games are hard to master; there is always more to discover. Moreover, players can “nerd out” on the themes and subject matters even when not playing.
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Endless ExperiencesOne does not simply “finish” a Paradox game. Either you keep coming back for another playthrough or there is no end state at all. Paradox games provide engagement for a long time.