Our business

With a strong position throughout the value chain and a large and engaged community, Paradox Interactive is well positioned to work with the best developers and distributors worldwide. Paradox sales are primarily digital and mainly for PC and console platforms.

What makes a game a Paradox game?

When Paradox Interactive develops and publishes games we look at a number of factors, ”Game Pillars”, which we believe is crucial for success.

The games must have certain characteristics and bring value to Paradox, the players and the developers.

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Looks Good, Plays PerfectParadox games never sacrifice function to form, and always prioritize gameplay over everything else.
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Gives Agency to the PlayerParadox games give players their tools to express their creativity, and make gaming experience their own; from character customization to emergent storytelling, or extensive modding.
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Challenges the MindParadox games challenge the player's mind more than their reflexes. They reward curiosity, dedication and intelligence.
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Offers an Endless ExperienceWhether through replayability, alternative playthroughs or no end state at all, Paradox games provide content to play for a very long time.
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Invites a Deeper DiveParadox games provide incredible depth and endless engagement, but strive to onboard players in their worlds and gameplay system in a smooth and forgiving way.