Senior management

Fredrik Wester

Fredrik Wester

CEO and founder. With Paradox since 1998.
Born: 1974
Education: Studied International Business at Gothenburg University.
Other current assignments: Chairman of the Board of Sahara Silversmycken AB and Chairman and CEO of WesterInvest AB. Board member of Star Lake Holding AB, White Wolf Publishing AB and board member and CEO of Paradox Development Studio AB and Paradox North AB.
Previous assignments: Fredrik is the founder of Paradox Interactive. He has been active as an entrepreneur since the age of 15.
Shareholding in the company: 35,235,937 shares - Through Company.
John Hargelid

John Hargelid

Chief Information Officer, CIO since 2014.
Born: 1981
Education: M.Sc. in Media Tech, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm 2005.
Other current assignments: Partner in Percantor Handelsbolag.
Previous assignments: Chief Innovation Officer Paradox Interactive, more then 10 years of experience from leadership and managerial roles at Accenture and EA DICE. Started his career in the industry with running the game development competition Swedish Game Awards.
Shareholding in the company: 291,337 shares – Direct ownership.
Mattias Lilja

Mattias Lilja

Executive Vice President of Studios since 2015.
Born: 1972
Education: Degree in physiotherapy from Uppsala University.
Other current assignments: Chairman of the Board of Cassius Creative AB and Nya Järnringen AB.
Previous assignments: Development Secretary Child Psychiatry Uppsala, Producer Paradox Interactive, Executive Vice President of Studios Paradox Interactive.
Shareholding in the company: 68,000 shares – Direct ownership.
Susana Meza Graham

Susana Meza Graham

COO, since 2004. Deputy Board member since 2010.
Born: 1976
Education: BA in marketing, Stockholm University.
Other current assignments: Board member of Spelplan-ASGD AB, Meza-Graham AB.
Previous assignments: More than 10 years of experience of marketing and games, and was previously CMO at EVP Publishing and CMO and PR Manager at Paradox.
Shareholding in the company: 1,000,000 shares – Through Company.