Corporate Governance

Paradox Interactive AB (publ) is a Swedish public limited liability company and is governed based on Swedish law and internal rules and regulations.

The Swedish Code of Corporate Governance is applicable for Swedish companies with shares listed on a regulated market in Sweden. Nasdaq First North Growth Market where the company is listed is not a regulated market but requires companies to apply the Code. Companies must not comply with all rules in the Code, and has the option to apply alternative solutions believed to better fit their purposes, as long as any discrepancies are reported and the alternative solution is described and reasons behind it explained (the principle of ”comply or explain”) in the corporate governance report.

General meeting of shareholders

In accordance with the Swedish Companies Act, the general meeting is the company’s highest decision-making body and is the forum in which shareholders exercise their right to decide on the company’s key affairs, such as adopting the consolidated annual report and accounts, allocation of profits, discharging of the members of the board of directors and the CEO from liability, election of members of the board of directors and auditor and remuneration to the board of directors and the auditor.

In addition to the Annual General Meeting, an Extraordinary General Meeting can be summoned. In accordance with the articles of association of Paradox, notice of a general meeting shall be made by an announcement in the Official Gazette (Sw. Post- och Inrikes Tidningar) and by making the notice available on the company’s website. The company shall advertise in Svenska Dagbladet that notice has been made.

Right to participate at a general meeting

All shareholders who are entered in the share register kept by Euroclear Sweden five days before the general meeting and who have given notice of attendance (with any accompanying persons) to the company no later than the day specified in the notice, have the right to participate at the general meeting and vote for the shares they hold. Shareholders can participate at the general meeting in person or by proxy and can also be accompanied by a maximum of two assistants. A shareholder can normally be registered in different ways, all which are informed about in the notice.