Corporate Governance

Paradox Interactive AB (publ) is a Swedish public limited liability company and is governed based on Swedish law and internal rules and regulations.

The Swedish Code of Corporate Governance is applicable for Swedish companies with shares listed on a regulated market in Sweden. Nasdaq First North Growth Market where the company is listed is not a regulated market but requires companies to apply the Code. Companies must not comply with all rules in the Code, and has the option to apply alternative solutions believed to better fit their purposes, as long as any discrepancies are reported and the alternative solution is described and reasons behind it explained (the principle of ”comply or explain”) in the corporate governance report.

February 2023

Gender Balance’s 2022 survey of Paradox Interactive AB

2022’s survey on harassment, sexual harassment, victimisation and bullying at Paradox Interactive.

Comment from Mattias Lilja, Chief of Staff Following concerns raised by our employees in 2021 we enlisted Gender Balance, a Swedish firm specializing on issues of discrimination, harassment, and equality to audit and help train our organization. Their first report for the period 2019-2021 was made public in February 2022 and they’ve now concluded a report for 2022 that can be found below. This report will function as Paradox Interactive’s benchmark for future comparison. 

There are reasons to be careful when comparing results, for example due to possible effects of training, returning to the office, and the period of measurement. That being said, the report provides grounds for a cautious optimism, as it indicates that the measures we have taken in 2022 are starting to have an effect on, for example, verbal sexual harassment and other forms of misconduct. However, we are not done yet as we still have issues with suppression techniques and nasty jargon that disproportionately impact women. Thus, further long-term action is necessary and we’re fully committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees.

This is a commitment with no real endpoint. In the past year we’ve focused on improving our case management, having recurring multi-step training sessions for employees, managers and HR and improving the support available to managers in both detecting and handling cases of harassment, bullying and victimization. Going forward, we will continue to develop our managerial capabilities, educate employees and further ensure we have robust case management.

So far, Gender Balance’s role has been to act as a neutral third party, with the authority to conduct a thorough investigation in order to help us assess issues present in our workplace, and recommend solutions. Additionally, they’ve been given the ability to handle the reports and investigation of harassment and discrimination cases, on behalf of the company, in accordance with Swedish laws and regulations. Though Gender Balance will continue to advise us, we’re now ready to assume all responsibilities internally, as per their recommendation. We feel confident that we have the tools, structures, and organization to continue our work against harassment, discrimination and victimisation.

Comment from the SACO and Unionen union clubs at Paradox Interactive The SACO and Unionen boards have no further comments on the report's results. We have full confidence in Gender Balance's work and recommendations and are very happy that they will continue working with us in an advisory capacity in the future.

During the past year we have followed, participated in, and supported the measures Paradox has taken to reduce harassment, discrimination, and victimization at the company. We recognize that these measures are good and have been well implemented, but we also recognize that this is a long-term commitment which will require more work. We think that the company's action plan, along with continued transparency and close cooperation with the unions will further improve working conditions at Paradox. As local representatives we will continue to work closely with the company and other stakeholders to follow up on, and evaluate further actions taken.

February 2021Gender Balance’s Workplace AuditExternal review of forms, prevalence and organizational capability to respond to discrimination, bullying and victimization at Paradox Interactive.