The Board of Directors

Håkan Sjunnesson

Chairman of the Board. Elected in 2010.
Born: 1956
Education: He has a M.Sc. in Business and Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics.
Other current assignments: Håkan is Investment Manager at Investment AB Spiltan, Chairman of the Board of Coolstuff AB, Qvalia Group AB, Emerse AB, Diligär AB, Aktivbo AB and StoreVision Group AB.
Previous assignments: Managing Partner Nordic Countries at Monitor Group, Vice president & Country Manager at Gemini Consulting and Manager at Accenture.
Shareholding in the company: 3,595,454 shares - Through Company

Cecilia Beck-Friis

Elected in 2016.
Born: 1973
Other current assignments: Cecilia is also a board member of Net Insight AB and board member of Acando.
Previous assignments: Cecilia has previous experience as deputy CEO of TV4 Group and other assignments within the Bonnier Group.
Shareholding in the company: 5,000 shares - Direct ownership

Peter Lindell

Elected in 2014.
Born: 1954
Education: He has a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping University.
Other current assignments: Peter is also active as Chairman of the Board of Frank Dandy AB, Rite Internet Ventures Holding AB, Acervo AB and Rite Ventures Förvaltning AB. He is also board member of Lednil AB, PacketFront Software Solutions AB, StoreVision Group AB, Patriam Edsviken AB, Cidro Holding AB and Berinor B.V. Deputy board member of Aktiebolaget Baccarat, Livsstil & Hälsa E. Norén AB, Rite Ventures Finland AB and Smart Grid Control Sweden AB.
Previous assignments: Peter has experience from a large number of assignments in Rite Internet Ventures Holding AB and the companies in which Rite Internet Ventures invested.
Shareholding in the company: 9,535,359 shares - Through Company

Ebba Ljungerud

Elected in 2014.
Born: 1972
Education: She has a M.Sc. in Business and Economics from Lund University.
Other current assignments: Ebba is also a member of the Executive management team at Unibet Group PLC.
Previous assignments: Ebba has extensive experience from consumer services such as insurance, media and e-commerce. For the past 6 years, she has held various positions within Unibet Group.
Shareholding in the company: 12,200 shares - Direct ownership

Fredrik Wester

CEO, elected in 2010.
Born: 1974
Education: He has studied International Business at Gothenburg University.
Other current assignments: Fredrik is also Chairman of the Board of Sahara Silversmycken AB and Chairman and CEO of WesterInvest AB. He is also a board member of Stenberg in Slagnäs AB, Clarobet AB, Star Lake Holding AB, CLT Holding AB and White Wolf Publishing AB, and board member and CEO of Paradox Development Studio AB, and Paradox North AB.
Previous assignments: Fredrik is the founder of Paradox Interactive. He has been active as an entrepreneur since the age of 15.
Shareholding in the company: 35,235,937 shares - Through Company